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Résumé : This study endeavours to make an analysis of the major issues that Lithuanian families are facing. In doing so, it is the purpose of the research to uncover the changes and problems that have taken place in Lithuanian society since the country gained independence from the Soviet Union.

The Lithuanian case will be compared with Tanzania and other eastern and western European countries. This helps to identify and understand problems that Lithuanian society and families with dependent children have been experiencing.

The current situation of families in Lithuania is based on traditional model, where men are breadwinners and women are the ones who take care of kaina artrosis susta households.

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However, families are undergoing changes whereby, dual model support is taking over, especially to young generation. The two models are functioning in the country but majority of the population prefer traditional model.

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It is observed that, due to changes and difficulties in life, people have no other way than accepting dual model support. Families with children are facing problems which hinder them to develop well in life style.

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Although the family policy in Lithuania provides family benefits to the families which deserve allowances, still children are in danger of lacking proper care and guidance. Families with dependent children have been experiencing poverty at a high rate that the rest of the population.

Families with more than three children are more affected than the ones with fewer children.

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The analysis of this study has shown how the issue of unemployment affects the raising of children. Many citizens have lost their jobs due to privatisation although on the other hand, privatization has been proved to increase kaina artrosis susta economy of the studied countries.

This study has also shown that women in Lithuania are more disadvantaged than men.

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Even if women labour force participation is quite high in Lithuania, still there are many kaina artrosis susta. Namely, women in Lithuania have lower wages compared to men; there also few women in the decision making bodies and the parliament.

Both Lithuanian and Tanzanian governments have taken measures to encourage women to participate in political arena and labour market.

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Good relationships within the families have proved to be crucial in good bringing up of the children. The responsibility of bringing up the children is also extended to the relatives. All in all provision of family benefits is not the only solution but it has to be associated with education to families and community on how to raise children morally, physically and psychologically so that they become responsible adults.